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About this edition.

NetNews Moderator's Handbook--Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. What does 'moderated' mean ?

3. Why do Usenet moderated newsgroups exist

4. Role of a moderator

5. How the moderation process works technically

6. What are the different types of moderated groups ?

7. Setting up a new moderated group

8. Choosing a moderation policy

9. Backup moderators

10. Multiple or Team Moderation

11. Handling temporary moderator absences

12. Gatewaying newsgroups to mailing lists

13. Creating Periodic Informational Postings

14. Archiving postings to the group

15. Tools for moderators

16. News transport gotcha's

17. How to deal with your readership

18. Answers to general questions

19. Passing the torch

20. Acknowledgments

21. Security Considerations

22. References

23. Author's Address

Appendix A: Usenet Specific Newsgroup Moderation Information

Appendix B: Canned Messages

Appendix C: Tributes

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