Niagara Sunday Fliers        

AMA Charter 779

The members of this club were among the first to obtain
permission to fly at Reservoir Park.

The Sunday Fliers meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM:

Nike Base
3278 Whitehaven Road
Grand Island, New York 14072

Sunday Fliers website:

Photos and comments by Bob Brown.
Replies in square brackets [ ] are from me.

"Left to right: Richard J. Bird, Robert K. Weldon [Sunday Fliers club President ], Robert G. Brown, Jr., Robert W. Sieben, Frank L. Bushardt, Joseph A. Sirianni and Dave Schultz. There are other members in our group who were not there that day that picture was taken, Doug Webb for one.  I do not know how to make a web page up at this point.  You do such a nice job, Martin, and that is a good idea, grouping all the clubs together on your page.  If you do not mind I would like to add a few more of my favorite planes to my space and add sayings. Will send same after this. Thank you."  [It's a pleasure...]

"I was very impressed so far on your web page. What a nice job you are doing!  I have not viewed it all, but will do so.  Those aerial shots are great! Yes, I do see you down on the ground. How high up was the plane?"  [Maybe a couple of thousand feet?]

"I am new to computers and scanner, 6 months on my new 500 mhz pc and 4 days on new scanner.  Please over look the faulty conditions sent to you."  [I did some airbrushing on Bob's photos.]

"I did not know I would be on a web page but am honored to be on yours! I would have prepared the info better had I known. The big blue and yellow biplane is a Bud Nosen kit called the Gere. It was built by me in 1985.  It has an 8' wing span, swings a 20 by 8
prop, is powered by a Quadra Q52S engine with an on-board smoke system. I structurally modified the Gere when I built it.  I was teaching our son how to fly then. Our son is now a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps and still flies. He now teaches me tricks!"

"The small tri plane is a kit by Hobbies Supply South.  The kit is called the Flair Baronette with a wing span of 52'' (kit no. fl-1021). I built same and powered it with an ABC ST 45. I modified my Baronette somewhat. There were some changes I felt I had to make! It flies good. Both photos were taken in August, 1999."

"The picture in this e-mail is the Gere in flight with smoke on.  I am a 67 yr old man now.  I started building Cleveland and Megow stick model airplanes starting at age 8.  Back then you could get a good model from 10 cents to 1 dollar.  The airplane models, AC Gilbert
101/2 Erector Sets, Weedon live steam engines, kites, ship model kits, were my favorite toys back then and still are today.  I have added the wonderful computer to the list!"

"Top fokker DR1 was scratch built by me.  It has a quadra 35 for power.  Bottom picture has Flair kit Fokker DR1, wing span of 73", kit no.fl-1031 from Hobby Supply South.  I built this and powered it with a G23. It flies great.  Fokker D VII behind DR1 was scratch built by me, has a wing span of 72""and is powered by a Quadra 40."

"Top picture, 3rd. scratch built Fokker DR1.  Bottom picture, our son and his Chipmunk RC plane in 1985.  He picked up RC flying fast. Clarence Ragland taught Robert Paul how to fly the RC copter."

"Robert Brown with his scratch built Fokker DR1 at 1998 Boulevard Mall show. Bottom picture, getting Fokker Eindecker ready for flight.  You can see he favors the WW1 planes!"

"Flying my scratch built blue tri plane.  Instead of called-for foam wings, I ribbed same; also W and D the fuse.  I powered this plane with a 91 4C.  These plans are Howard Schutt, tripe-bipe.  They were from RCM magazine.  Bottom picture, Phaeton 40 with tripe. Good fliers."

"Winter's cold blowing days are a drag to me.  I put on coffee and good music and head for the work shop.  I love to tinker and built projects.  I have not built a plane this year as I now have falling in love with my new computer.  My wife and I enjoy using our computers.  I feel sorry for some of the kids today who chose dope screw ups over good life but then again, they must have lessens to learn in this life.  If it hurts bad enough, they will never want to
do that again!"

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