My Great Western Auto Tour

Saturday, April 20: Maloy, Iowa, to Sterling City, Colorado  

Page last updated May 19, 2002.

I think I lost the six pictures I took on this segment of the trip. I drove on local roads across Nebraska and into Colorado. The small towns along the route were very kind to travelers: the main road just brushed by the town, with just a slight reduction in speed, and with no stop signs or stoplights. I had the road mostly to myself all day long. I missed a chance to photograph Betsy and Brian's house, their six goats, and a ghost farm on route 2 just west of their place; I hadn't yet gotten into the rhythm of being a tourist.

It was sunny and warm most of the day. I didn't find the great plains boring at all, although I did laugh at the tiny little "parks" provided as resting places--a handful of trees and a few picnic tables scattered by the side of the road. The view was no different from a thousand other spots along the way.