My Great Western Auto Tour

Wednesday, April 24: Truckee, California.

Page last updated May 17, 2002.

In the morning, Frank led me by the scenic route to an auto repair shop. I had noticed a little shimmy in the car from time to time since I hit the rock in Utah. The repair man showed me that I flattened the rim. It can be fixed, but the shop in Sacramento has a four- or five-day backlog. I may have to wait until I get home to Buffalo to have it repaired or replaced.

While Frank and Monik were at work, I started searching through the Polanyi files for a letter I read about in Chicago. I found it in the eighth file drawer that I looked at. I was thrilled. I saw so many good things in the files that I've decided to take the bulk of the research home with me. It needs to be organized, and I don't think Monika has any desire to do so. She'll keep the German letters from Cecile-Mama and I'll take pretty much everything else home with me to sort it and catalogue it. Eventually, I hope that all of the original pictures and letters will go to John Polanyi and then to the Regenstein.

This was my 21st anniversary of sobriety. I had thought that I would go to some AA meetings while traveling, but I never had the energy to call, locate a meeting, and get myself there. When I was staying in motels, I watched TV at night and worked on photos and the diary in the mornings. When I was with friends or family, we pretty much kept each other company most of the time. I'll celebrate my anniversary with my home group in May, if all goes well.