My Great Western Auto Tour

May 7: Kenmare, North Dakota, to Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Page last updated May 28, 2002.

I had hoped to make Detroit in three days after leaving Calgary. According to Dez's mapping software, that meant three legs of 640 miles each. I drove pretty steadily this day under mostly cloudy skies through the rolling hills of North Dakota and Minnesota.

When I reached Wisconsin, I began to feel that I was back in familiar territory: small dairy farms, tree-covered hills, lots of lakes. For the second time in the trip, I let the gas run down until the warning light came on. I was sweating bullets as I pulled off the main road and went searching for gas in a small town. The first station was closed. The second station had gas but was all out of pizza for the evening.

I couldn't find the Motel 6 in Menomonie, so I settled for a Day's Inn. Next morning, I spotted the small sign that pointed to the side road where the Motel 6 was hidden. That was on my second pass through town--I'd turned in the wrong direction when I left the parking lot. The next time I'm in Menomonie, I'll know where I'm going.