My Great Western Auto Tour

Menomonie, Wisconson, to Albion, Michigan 

Page last updated May 28, 2002.

I did my worst navigating of the trip today. I didn't look at the maps in the morning. I just thought, "When I reach 90, I just head east." The problem is that 90 runs right through Chicago. I realized the problem at the last minute and managed to catch the last bypass, which was filled with miserable little $0.40 toll stops every few miles. After I cleared the last of these, I figured it was time to put the hammer down and motor. Wrong again. It was, in fact, time to turn onto route 94 across the southern part of Michigan. I only added a few miles with this mistake.

I thought I was making decent time, all things considered, until I realized that I had crossed into my home time zone. That pushed the clock forward an hour and made my ETA around 11 PM. I figured that was too late for Seymour and June, so I found a motel in Albion, Michigan next to a service station and camped there for the night.

The lady at the desk was going to charge me the "corporate rate" of $49. I pointed out that the sign along the road said rooms started at $39.95. She said the only people who got that rate were those who asked for it. So I asked.