My Great Western Auto Tour

Tuesday, April 23: Ely, Nevada, to Truckee, California.

Page last updated May 17, 2002 .

I spent a long, leisurely morning in Ely. I went back to the library for another hour of free e-mail and then got caught up on all of my notes back at the motel. This was the view from my window as I worked on the laptop:

Around noon, I checked out and went to a supermarket to get some sun block and deli food. I've been eating too much fast food and not enough salad since I left Betsy and Brian's house. I enjoy a high fat, low fiber diet, but I know it's not good for me over the long haul.

As I left Ely, I saw the first sign for route 50 with the slogan, "The Loneliest Highway in America."

In mid-afternoon, I saw a jet fighter doing a low-level run. It took me a little while to realize what it was and then to fumble for the camera. I think it's a Navy Tomcat. It was moving quite rapidly.

This is Sand Mountain. I don't know why this huge dune is here all by itself. I didn't see anything like it all day long.

When I got near a naval base (out in the middle of the desert?), five Tomcats flew in and did a military landing.

I stopped at a diner in Reno for pancakes and video poker. When I lost $2, I moved on. Someday I'll draw to an inside straight and become independently wealthy. Or not.