My Great Western Auto Tour

Thursday, April 25: Truckee, California 

Page last updated May 19, 2002.

Today, Frank bought 20 boxes on his way home from work. We spent a couple of hours filling 17 of them with files for me to take home with me. That emptied the ten file drawers that hold the bulk of the material Bill and Monika collected for the biography. The rest of the time, Frank and I talked almost non-stop about church history, sexual ethics, the crisis in Israel/Palestine, Michael Polanyi, the arrest of the neighbors on drug charges, and heaven knows what else. At some point, we also tried to get his snowblower running, but the problem was beyond us. It only popped once or twice. I've had some good luck in my life with small engines, but not today. We pushed it back into its spot in the garage and went back to philosophy, where all problems are soluble without purchasing any hardware.